This seems like a fail at the intersection of tech and design. I wanted to 'share' a couple of classic paragraphs of Caity's Style Week story on tumblr, thinking people might click through and read the whole post. So I clicked the 'share' button on the story and it dropped down with FB, Twitter, and Tumblr. I clicked on Tumblr, but just a nanosecond before my index finger completed the click, a couple of *additional* share options dropped down and that placed 'Crosstalk' under the cursor. I was mid-click already, so the share was now mis-directed to Crosstalk, which I could live with except nothing popped up to ask, 'Are you sure?', which is pretty standard UX stuff by now. So, the Gawker post got posted on Crosstalk instead of Tumblr, and it got posted there without any intermediate confirmation.

Luckily, this is not my first time encountering this delayed secondary drop-down putting Crosstalk where Tumblr was a second ago, so I knew how to un-share the post and remove it from Crosstalk, but two suggestions:

- Don't have the share drop-down occur in two stages. They may only be one or two seconds apart, but it's enough time to allow someone to mis-click pretty easily because the cursor is already right there anyway. And...
- Add a confirmation interstitial popup or something, so the user can prevent a sharing error or have a second to change his or her mind. One-click operations are nice, but it takes more time to undo an errant one than it does to click 'ok' to confirm the operation in the first place.