iPad editing issues

hi, kinja help. Maybe I'm the only one, but when I type into the comment or post editor text boxes on my iPad, I frequently can't select, copy, or past at all. If I place the cursor, the keyboard appears on the iPad screen, and when I tap again in the same spot to get the 'Select / Select All / Cut / Copy' options,…


Kinja awk

This seems like a fail at the intersection of tech and design. I wanted to 'share' a couple of classic paragraphs of Caity's Style Week story on tumblr, thinking people might click through and read the whole post. So I clicked the 'share' button on the story and it dropped down with FB, Twitter, and Tumblr. I clicked…

Interesting business idea. This restaurant serves foods from countries the US is in conflict with on some level. Currently, they're serving Cuban food. Previously it was Afghan, Iraqi, and Venezuelan. I'm sure their approach turns off some prospective customers, but who doesn't like Cuban food?